Department of Kurdish Language

24 Academic staff

162 B.Sc. Students

40 B.Sc. Modules

Department of Kurdish Language was the first department in college of education – Sulaimani University, which was opened in Koya on 13th January 2001. Its first graduation ceremony was in 2004. Since, Koya University was built; it has become an active department within college of education - Koya University. Following that college of education was converted to college of languages, and Kurdish department was a part of the transform. The structure of the university has been renewed in 2010-2011. Thus, another group of students started their academic journey at the upgraded Kurdish department/school of education/ faculty of education in 2011-2012. Some experienced lecturers have been teaching at the department who have doctorates and masters in the field. Kurdish department indicates its aims and missions to the academic year annually. This is to improve its academic achievements. Also, some committees are made within the department yearly to make an academic environment for all the members of the university. Take Cultural Committee as an example, which played a fundamental role at the university by preparing many quality seminars.


1. Preparing students by a scientific method.

2. Working hard to encourage students to think in a modern way, and work for their nation and humanity, also they are motivated to love others as well.

3. Giving an idea about linguistics and literature in general

4. The main aim is to preparing students and give them a wide knowledge about Kurdish language and literature. This is because the concentration is on Kurdish language and literature.

Academic Staff