The Faculty of Education is engaged and dynamic in advancing education as a professional practice and in the field of scholarly inquiry through excellence in teaching, research and community service that promotes freedom, democracy, equality and human dignity.

The Faculty of Education is committed to improving the quality and understanding of education and social services provision internationally through high quality teaching, research and professional development.

The Faculty of Education (FEDU) is known as a leader in the study and practice of urban education, student testing and assessment, teacher and continuing education and development – particularly in urban, multi-ethnic environments, early childhood development, and issues of access, equity, and quality facing K-12.

Here, faculty and students work together to solve the most pressing issues facing education today. This collaborative, dynamic environment helps students develop the skills they need to become leading education professionals to respond the progressive development in the region and helping the Reconstruction of the country.

Departments of FEDU


  • ۆورك شۆپى ڕۆژى جيهانى زمانى دايك بەڕێوەچوو بە سەرپەرشتيارى بەشى زمانى كوردى و ئامادەبوونى بەڕێزان ياريدەدەرانى سەرۆكى زانكۆ و ياريدەدەرى ڕاگر و مامۆستايان و خوێندكارانى فەكەڵتى پەروەردە، لە هۆڵى مامۆستا تاهير بەكر ۆورك شۆپێك بە بۆنەى (ڕۆژى ...
    Posted 21 Feb 2017, 10:38 by Muhammed Karim Saedgul Barzinji
  • ديدارى پرۆفيسۆر دكتۆر محمد مەلا ئەحمەد گەزنەيى بەڕێوەچوو بەڕێوەچوونى ديدارى دكتۆر محمد مەلا ئەحمەد گەزنەيىفەرهەنگێك لە زانست و تێزێك لە نەرم و نيانى ئايينىرێكخەر : بەشى پەروەردەى ئايينى و ڕێكخراوى ديدگا بۆ وشيارىهۆڵى سەرۆكايەتى زانكۆدووشەممە ...
    Posted 20 Feb 2017, 11:46 by Muhammed Karim Saedgul Barzinji
  • Gateway for Students & Staff The "Gateway for Students & Staff"  is a quite useful and unique Koya University website that is supplied you with many information and assistance during your daily academic duties.https://sites ...
    Posted 19 Feb 2017, 11:02 by Muhammed Karim Saedgul Barzinji
  • ديدارى پ.د. محمد مەلا احمد گەزنەيى بە چاودێرى بەڕێز سەرۆكى زانكۆ (پ.ى. ولى محمود) و بەشى پەروەردەى ئايينى فاكەڵتييەكەمان و ڕێكخراوى ديدگە بۆ وشيارى،  لەژێر ناونيشانى (پ.د.محمد مەلا احمد گەزنەيى، فەرهەنگێك لە زانست ...
    Posted 18 Feb 2017, 14:25 by Muhammed Karim Saedgul Barzinji
  • كوڕانى بالەى زانكۆى كۆيە يارييەكى دۆستانەيان ئەنجامدا یاریەکی دۆستانەی نێوان تیپی بالەی زانکۆی کۆیە و تیپی بالەی یانەی ڕانیە - هۆڵی داخراوی سکوڵی پەروەردەی وەرزش - ڕۆژی چوارشەممە ١٥/ ٢ / ٢٠١٧ئەنجامی یاریەکە ٣ - ٢ كۆتایی هات بەسەرکەوتنی يانەی ...
    Posted 18 Feb 2017, 14:06 by Muhammed Karim Saedgul Barzinji
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