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Department of English Language (DENL)

English Language Department is one of the departments at the Faculty of Education. It was established in the academic year 2015-2016 as a result of the great interest in learning English language and culture, and to meet the need of Koya district to English language teachers. The department is run by eight Faculty members and a department secretary. The department has begun to establish a good contact with the other English departments at the local Universities to make use of their experience and have a promising start.

The objective of this Department:

Although the objectives of the English Department are closely related to those of the Faculty of Education as a whole, they take the nature of the department and the commitment towards English language and literature into consideration. Our commitment to the quality of education that we offer is reflected in our determination to keep our students in direct contact with most recent sources that enhance and improve their major skills of learning English. Basically, the major commitment of English Department is associated with preparing students intellectually and psychologically to be successful future language teachers.

Department Mission:

English Department is one of the newly established departments at Koya University at the Faculty of Education. It aims at teaching English language skills; getting insight into the rich literature of that language; fostering exceptional creative as well as critical writing, and equipping students with effective skills concerned with teaching and learning English as a foreign language. The mission of the department is to enable students to become good readers and creative writers of literary and academic texts on the one hand, and help them to be fluent English language speakers on the other hand. These competences are essential for bringing about successful language teachers. By the end of the mission at the last year of this stage, students are expected to be equipped with the knowledge of language and with the knowledge of teaching.


The department's inspiring and visionary activities and instructions include training students with language skills and teaching them with contemporary language and teaching approaches, strategies, and techniques. Also, it seeks engaging students through language teaching practice and encouraging them to get deeply insight into English literature. Building relationship between students' own capabilities, potentials, and competencies with real EFL teaching and learning is another innovative plan that English department attempts for.

Analytical Skills:

  1. Understanding the English language grammar and comprehension of its basic contents. 
  2. Students will be taught how to distinguish between strong and weak expressions and to identify stylistic weaknesses, strengths and coherence. 
  3. Comprehension of the historical ages through which the English literature passed with the characteristics of each age. 
  4. Ability to teach the general principles of linguistics with some of its essential details. 
  5. Finding solutions to some critical and literary problems through presenting summaries clarifying the bases of the problems and their solutions. 
  6. Ability to clarify ambiguities related to the literary and criticism theories and to provide a systematic vision of how to deal with them. 

Communication Skills:
  1. Ability to speak fluent English. 
  2. Ability to compose grammatically correct texts. 
  3. Ability to debate and discuss in a way that suits the nature of the debated topics. 
  4. Focusing on the teaching aspect in a way that achieves the techniques of communicating knowledge and information. 
  5. Performing the teaching practice in a smooth and easy way, so as to achieve comprehension of information in the shortest way possible. 
  6. Enabling the students to appreciate literary texts. 
  7. The students will practice the process of teaching in the secondary schools.

The language of teaching in the department is BBC English except for the non-specialized subjects, which are taught in Kurdish.

Methods of Teaching:

  1. The methods of teaching vary from subject to subject. The applied subjects depend on assignments, lectures, lessons, exams and daily reports. 
  2. Other subjects like presentations, expression and conversation depend on oral presentations. 
  3. The department offers teaching programs and holds preparatory training courses for its students. 
  4. The courses include theoretical and practical aspects are complementary. 


The duration of study is four academic years after which the student is awarded a bachelor's degree in the English language. The academic year normally starts in mid-September and lasts until mid-June.

Academic Staff:

Department of English Language
Faculty of Education
Koya University
University Park
Danielle Mitterrand Boulevard
Kurdistan Region - F.R. Iraq

Tel/Mobile: +964.xxxxxx
E-mail: fedu.dgeo@koyauniversity.org
URL: koya.university

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