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Department of Education and Psychology (DEPS)


Education and Psychology Department is one of the academic departments in the faculty of Education, was established at the University of Koya in the academic year 2016-2017 by order of university number (7 / 2 / 2226) in the date of 19 / 6 / 2016, due to the needs of the community for this department, particularly the Kurdish society.

This department considered after consultation with the related professionals. all junior high school graduate students from both science and literature sections from male and female will be accepted.

Department Vision:

cope with the social challenges in education and psychology field.

Department Mission: 

think critically,  learning by doing, acquire career skills.  

Learning Outcomes:

  1. researcher to work from an integrated perspective to become competitive in the labor market level.
  2. Support the skills and abilities of teaching and administrative staff members to carry out their duties in teaching, scientific research, and community service.
  3. Providing ongoing training for all employees in the related field
  4. Inculcate and improve academic values that suit the society

Analytical Skills: 

Understand professional and ethical responsibility.

Instructional methods:

Lecturing, participation, performing, role play, reporting, and practicum.


Learning the language in the Department of kindergarten is more Kurdish language and less English language in all courses.


Period of study in kindergarten 4 years full-time academic study. Usually, start of the academic year in mid-September to mid-June next year.

Program Course Modules thought at the Department

The following link provides a full list of Course Modules provided by this department. Each course has a standard course module code which is hyperlinked to its dedicated website for full details information on that particular course. Please note that on each course modules website you will also direct to Academic Profile of the lecturer providing the course. 

Program Course Modules thought at the Department:

Academic Staff:

Department's Contact Information
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Department of Education and Psychology
Faculty of Education
Koya University
University Park
Danielle Mitterrand Boulevard
Kurdistan Region - F.R. Iraq

Tel/Mobile: +964.xxxxxx
E-mail: @koyauniversity.org
URL: koya.university