Department of Arabic Language

24 Academic staff

162 Students

40 Modules

The department of Arabic language at Koya University offers a good opportunity for studying Arabic language and the related sciences. It also provides good room for practical application. It is one of the six departments of the Faculty of Education. The department of Arabic language was established in the academic year 2000-2001to form the first nucleus of the College of Education which, at that time, was part of Suleimaniyah University with several other departments, namely, the departments of Kurdish language, English language, history and geography, which altogether with the newly established colleges formed the first building blocks of establishing the University of Koya. In 2006-2007, the department of Arabic language along with the other departments was incorporated into the College of Languages with the inclusion of new departments such as, French and Turkish languages. Later the name of the college was changed into the College of Humanities and Social Sciences in 2008-2009 for four years after which the department of Arabic was reincorporated into the College of Education.

The department of Arabic language has graduated nine batches of Bachelor holders, in addition to five batches of higher studies (Master's and PhD degrees) and still continues to set plans and scientific programmes in an attempt to raise the scientific level of its students and to maintain its strong scientific contact with the other Iraqi universities, in addition to sending a number of its teaching cadres abroad to continue their masters' and PhD degrees.


The department of Arabic at our university is following new and developed methods in relation to curriculum development through participation in annual conferences for developing teaching programmers, holding seminars, conducting researches, solving problems, facing challenges, filling in gaps, and improving regulations in a way that suits its non-native Arabic speaker students through increasing practical teaching units like expression and conversation, grammar and morphology and teaching the students by using sound laboratories after providing the necessary teaching resources.

Academic Staff