Faculty of Education

The Faculty of Education (FEDU) at Koya University is an excellent place to acquire education. It is the center of excellence for advanced education and research in different fields of Educations, i.e., Geography, History, English, Arabi, Kurdish and Religious education.

128 Academic staff

765 Students

329 Modules

Dean's word

I want to start my speech to thank all the Faculty members and the academic staff whom by their great efforts we had the last successful academic year. My team staff member the Faculty Council, the Faculty Members and the Academic staff are the backbone of the faculty development and power of its progress. The essential objective of our academic plan is to create an academic interact between the professors and the students to produce qualified and future teacher in order to assume the responsibilities and the challenges of their nest life career.

About the Faculty

Faculty of Education was established in 2001 as one of Sulaymaniyah University in Koya city. This Faculty has a great status concerning the establishing of Koya University. Koya University was established in 2003 with the Faculty of Education as the seed of this great academic institution. Faculty of Education committed to community engagement which anticipates and meets the needs of the local community of future teachers. The main objective of the faculty is to establish a core project of building new Faculty Members and Academic Staff based on the latest educational and pedagogical universal standard. The Faculty of Education consists of seven academic departments, and have more than 1800 students in this academic year (2021-2022).


Masters by a combination of research and coursework or by pure research in PhD level. (read more)

Knowledge Transfer is our main stream principal way to communicate in and outside our academic community (read more)

With 4 faculties and 25 departments in different fields we aiming to become a centre of excellence. Join us...