The Day of English Department

posted 12 Apr 2019, 14:38 by Muhammed Seyidgul Barzinji
On 3. April. 2019, the department's day to reward the best student of the last academic year, the head of department rewarded the best students of the three stages of the last year for their great efforts. 
Students who were rewarded:
  • Second Stage
  1. Huma Hiwa Aziz
  2. Shajwan Nawzad Saeed
  3. Ahmed Nawzad Atoof
  • Third Stage
  1. Parixan Ismael Abdullah
  2. Saba Gushad Abdulrahman
  3. Shkofa Bakhtyar Haji
  • Fourth Stage
  1. Zaman Muhammad Muhammad Ameen
  2. Begard Fars Hameed
  3. Gashbin Sdiq Abdullah