Invitation to Participate in the English Language Workshop

posted 13 Mar 2018, 03:14 by Muhammed Seyidgul Barzinji
The Department of English Language at the Faculty of Education is pleased to invite you to a two-day workshop on 18-19.4.2018 at Taher Bakr Hall,
Title of the workshop 
 :-  Effective teaching 
      (Challenges & Opportunities)
Date of the workshop 
:- 18-19 /4/2018   at 9:00 AM

Place of the workshop
:-  Taher Bakr Hall

An outline of the workshop
:-  This workshop aimed to highlight all those points that related to methods of teaching process and challenges, as well.
Through practiding effective teaching methods, instructors and learners could achieve great teaching environment. Collaborative learning and project-based learning are two various types of teaching methods that are pointed out in this workshop. Because they can be counted as the most common methods that followed by learners in order to get materials easily.

  1. Dr. Ahmad Abdulaziz Muhamad - Selective Admissions policy
  2. Lect. Rebin Abdulkadir Aziz - Error Correction
  3. Asst.Lect. Aween Taher Saber - Collaborative Learning
  4. Lect. Paiman Zorab Aziz - Assessment Methods
  5. Asst.Lect. Sara Jamal Mohammed - Motivational Skills
  6. Lect. Hawkar Omer Ali  - Project-based Learning
  7. Asst.Lect. Ibrahim Abdulrahman Ahmed - Learner Autonomy