Department of English Language Holds a Workshop for its Students

posted 9 Mar 2021, 15:25 by Muhammed Seyidgul   [ updated 9 Mar 2021, 22:27 ]
Department of English Language in the Faculty of Education holds a workshop entitled (Representation of Trauma in Holocaust and post 9/11 Literature), For 4th-grade students
On Sunday, Tuesday 8, 2021, at the Bahar Language Center
Panel One:
Host: Bekhall Pishraw Ahmad
Panel Speakers and Titles
1. Rayan Aram Hidait: Identity Crisis in Hal Lieberman's Throne of Straw
2. Akar Azad Fatholla: The Holocaust from Kurdish Perspectives
3. Ahmad Nawzad Atoof: Conceptual Metaphor Theory application on Trauma discourses
Panel Two:
Host: Gyaband Shera Sabr
Panel Speakers and Titles
1. Nzar Omer Hammadamin: Metaphors of Trauma in Eric Walters’ We All Fall Down: a
cognitive approach
2. Shajwan Nawzad Saeed: Metaphors of Trauma in Lynne Schwartz’s The Writing on the
Wall: a cognitive approach
3. Huma Hiwa Aziz: Metaphors of Trauma in Jewell Rhodes Towers Falling: a cognitive