An Activity from Department of English Language (DENL)

posted 17 Feb 2021, 06:24 by Muhammed Seyidgul   [ updated 28 Feb 2021, 12:15 ]
In an artistic (non-academic) activity, staff from Department of English Language DENL, Faculty of Education (FEDU) has drawn a gradation picture and written the name of FEDU on the wall of the faculty’s front yard. 
It is worth mentioning that the design of the project has been done by Dr. Ahmed Abdulaziz Mohammed, the head of Department of English Language in collaboration with the following students; Ahmed Nawzad Atuf, Hwma Hiwa Aziz, Niyan Abdullah Omar, Dunya Mohammed Sdeq from DENL and Basoz Ako Mahmood from Department o History DHIS.
currently, the Presidency of DENL is going to organize a group for artistic activities in the future activities at FEDU