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Department of Basic Education (DBED) - Evening Program

Evening Basic Education is a scientific and academic fundamental prerequisite on the read to promote the technical and educational levels of teachers of primary department in order to make a new generation supplied with current education and encourage them growing and innovating new finding in Kurdish community particularly at present time.

History of the Department:

Evening department of basic education was founded in December 17th,2012 with 150 students. Currently, the Department includes four Department: Arabic Language, English Language, Social Sciences and General Sciences.

Department Vision :
  • Elevate the scientific level of the contemporary teachers of primary schools especially agricultural, commerce, and industrial, secondary (high) department or equivalent as well as their ability so as to role actively.
  • Preparing outstanding educators and to advance the profession of psychological education to enable them for treating their pupil successfully.
  • Developing the scientific levels of students in order to meet the education needs.
  • Making a number of professional teachers in different fields that the department involve and to cover the vacancies in personnel of education directorates
Program Course Modules thought at the Department:

The following link provides a full list of Course Modules provided at this department. Each course has a standard course module code which is hyperlinked to its dedicated website for full details information on that particular course. Please note that on each course modules website you will also be directed to Academic Profile of the lecturer providing the course.

Academic Staff:
You can visit or communication with our departments via one of these methods, 


Department of Basic Education
Faculty of Education
Koya University
University Park
Danielle Mitterrand Boulevard
Kurdistan Region - F.R. Iraq

Tel/Mobile: +964.xxxxxx

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